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– Quality Products From Holland Since 1826 –

Vegetable Oils, Margarines, Sauces

Food – Alkyd – Feed
  • Reliable partner since 1826
  • Quality products from Holland
  • A wide variety of brands and packagings

About us

Since 1826, Vereenigde Oliefabrieken (United Oil Factories), is a well established known name worldwide of Dutch origin, specialized in a wide range of high qualitative vegetable oils and fats.

Our expertise, know-how, quality focus and customer centric approach, is preferred and well recognized by many customers worldwide. We consider our customers equal business partners instead of a
regular supplier – customer relation.

Our focus is on the Food, Alkyd and Feed Industry. Our customers are:
Wholesalers, importers, retail organizations and foodservices.

Our Specialties


In the edible oil sector, there are two basic product categories:

• immediate human consumption

• for further processing by the Food Industry itself


We are a reliable supplier for the paint and resin Industry.
We offer vegetable oils such as linseed oil, soyabean oil and various distilled fatty acids.



We are certified with the applicable requirements and conditions of the standards of GMP for the trade in Feed materials.
We supply to the animal feed industry and related supplements Linseed Oil, Soyabean Oil and Rapeseed Oil.



With products such as oils, mayonnaise and margarines, packaging and transport are of pivotal importance.
We understand that customers must be assured of the safe arrival of their products. As a result, the selection, of packaging types used by the company is large, varying from PETbottles of 1,2 and 3 liters, cans from 5, 10,20 and 25 liters, drums, IBC’s, and flexitanks.


The location of our head-office in Rotterdam, one of the world’s largest ports, emphasizes the high priority on logistics. 
With our inhouse logistical knowledge we are able to provide you with the required export documents including customs, which meets the international standards in the country of destination. Long-lasting and stable relationships have been effective with numerous shipping companies, ensuring the rapid and efficient handling of the cargo.

Our Brands