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About us

Since 1826, Vereenigde Oliefabrieken (United Oil Factories), is a well established known name worldwide of Dutch origin, it specializes in a wide range of high qualitative vegetable oils and fats.
Our expertise, know-how, quality focus and customer centric approach, is preferred and well recognized by many customers worldwide. We consider our customers equal business partners instead of a regular supplier – customer relation.

We focus on the Food, Alkyd and Feed Industry. Our customers are:
Wholesalers, importers, retail organizations and foodservices.

With more than one and a half century of global experience we developed the know-how to understand your needs and requirements.
We offer you the right customized products, to help you create value and differentiate from your peers.
With our inhouse logistical knowledge we are able to provide you with the required export documents including customs, which meets the international standards in the country of destination.
A multilingual staff will service you at any time.


More than one and a half century of high quality oils & fats from Holland

In the year 1826 two small-scale factories, H. Spits en Zoon, and H. de Haan en Zoon were founded near the port of Rotterdam. After the two oil processing companies had merged a few years later, the new company was named The Vereenigde Oliefabrieken (VO), or The “United Oil Factories”. 

The know-how and experience of both companies were combined, thereby maintaining the old tradition of supplying high quality products.
Today, the Vereenigde Oliefabrieken has built a well-known reputation, and specializes in high quality oils, fats, mayonnaise and margarines. We export to all parts of the world, upon our own proven recipes and / or upon customer requirements. We are fully certified according to the standards of ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and GMP+.

Other notable successes are our own recipes for mayonnaise and margarines, that are specially developed for tropical climates. Offering a long shelf-life in tropical climates, the mayonnaise and margarines are high in taste and quality.

Fully certified meeting the requirements for ISO 9001 we are a reliable supplier for the paint and resin industry (Alkyd), we offer vegetable oils such as; linseed oil, soyabean oil and various fatty acids.

The Vereenigde Oliefabrieken is proud on its alert and creative approach. By keeping a watchful eye on the market, it not only fulfils today’s demand but is also able to anticipate tomorrow’s developments. It also maintains close contact with its customers and their changing needs and requirements.