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Vegetable Oils, Margarines, Sauces

Food – Alkyd - Feed

Our Specialties: Food – Alkyd – Feed


VO specializes in a wide range of high qualitative vegetable oils and fats. Our expertise, know-how, quality focus and customer centric approach, is preferred and well recognized by many customers worldwide. We consider our customers equal business partners instead
of a regular suplier – customer relation.

Our focus is on the Food, Alkyd and Feed Industry. Our customers are: Wholesalers, importers, retail organizations and foodservices.

Margarine and Mayonnaise (Spreads):
One of our notable successes are our own recipes of margarine and mayonnaise, that are specially developed for tropical climates.

For these climates we offer specifically developed heat-proof quality margarine and breadspread, of which the taste and appearance can be adjusted to a quality known by African and French Overseas locals which is one of our most important sales territories. This is a high quality product offering a long shelf-life in tropical temperatures, the margarine is high in taste and quality, attractively packaged and suitable for a wide range of use and applications.

Available in different brands:

Margarine and Mayonnaise Available packages in different brands:

4,5 kg and 10 kg      blocks 10 kg             

– 4,5 kg and 10 kg
– blocks 10 kg

Tropical oils

Our productrange:
– Refined palm oil
– Palmstearine
– VO 70

We are a reliable supplier for raw materials for bakeries and the margarine industrie.

Available packages:


– Drums